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Commercial HVAC Cleaning

To ensure clean, high quality indoor air, periodic HVAC cleaning is essential.

Ducted Air Solutions provide your total solution for HVAC maintenance. This includes inspection, cleaning, sanitation and sealing. These services are for the complete HVAC system, including plant room, AHUs, blowers and all types of ducting.

Delivery of these services is provided via both robotics and manual methods, ensuring comprehensive cleaning and maintenance for your HVAC system.



HVAC duct prior to cleaning

Before and after HVAC Cleaning

duct after HVAC cleaning

The Dangers of Contaminated HVAC Systems

High utility and maintenance costs

Fire hazards – due to particulate build up, grease and dust.

Reduction in air flow

Inability to attain thermostated temperature

Shortened mechanical life of the system

Decreased staff productivity, due to discomfort and/or illness

Possible fines for non-compliance with Regulatory requirements

The Benefits of Clean HVAC Systems

Operating efficiencies are maximised, running costs lower, increased operational life of the system

Enhanced IAQ for occupants health, effectively increasing productivity

Reduced complaints from occupants, regarding temperature and airflow

Improved sustainability & investment return of pre-loved buildings

Ensures legislative compliance for maintenance, safety and energy ratings AS/NZS 1668

(AIRAH guidelines, NABERS, AS/NZS 3666 and WH&S 2012)

New HVAC Systems are commonly contaminated with manufacture and builders dust and debris

(These systems should be inspected before commissioning and cleaned and sanitised accordingly)

The HVAC Cleaning Process

Our process for cleaning your HVAC system enables us to effectively capture all contaminants with 99.97% efficient HEPA filtered vacuums, negative air & sheeting

Achieving safe and efficient cleaning of your system includes:

  • Risk assessment of contaminated sites
  • Site containment and disposal in accordance with best practice and relevant legislation
  • Use PPE in accordance with WH&S legislation
  • Maintain up to date environmental management procedures


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