HVAC System Cleaning, Sanitising & Refurbishing

Your specialists in optimising the energy efficiency, function and health of your HVAC systems

Is your family suffering from dirty air conditioners?

You can now breathe easier and save on power too

Safe and effective mould remediation

What you need to know about mould remediation and mould treatment types

Your air-conditioning hygiene specialists

Working collaboratively to:

Eliminate and prevent air system contamination

Minimise heating/cooling (HVAC) costs

Ensure HVAC hygiene compliance of the building

Optimise building IAQ (indoor air quality) for the safety and health of occupants

Unsure about the air quality or efficiency of your heating or cooling systems?

A quick chat with one of our ducting specialists will help you identify if your system needs maintenance

We care about the air you breathe…

Ducted Air Solutions

Your quality choice for ventilation system hygiene and mould remediation.
Using leading environmentally friendly decontaminants and sanitisers, DAS provides market leading solutions for your commercial and residential air quality.

A professional and pro-active approach, has enabled us to save many of our clients thousands of dollars and enjoy superior air quality.

We specialise in HVAC system refurbishment, providing years of efficient operation at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

A few of our satisfied customers…

Certified Ducting / HVAC Professionals

Ensuring you benefit from verified workmanship & expertise

CM3 Quality Assurance registered member.

ASCS (Air Systems Cleaning Specialist) & VMR (Ventilation Mould Remediation) NADCA - USA

All staff trade qualified and insured

Proven code of work practice and comprehensive QA System

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