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Ducted Air Solutions provides a comprehensive range of commercial HVAC services to ensure optimal efficiency and hygiene.

HVAC Cleaning


Professional cleaning of your complete HVAC system including plant room, AHU, blowers, coils and condensation trays as well as supply, return and fresh air ducting and grills. We undertake filter cleaning and replacement as required.

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All systems components and ducts are sanitised using leading environmentally friendly decontaminants and sanitisers.

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HVAC Refurbishment

Restoration and refurbishment can save many thousands when compared to replacing a HVAC system. Our specialists provide the expertise to maximise your HVAC efficiency and reliability.

We enhance systems efficiencies by replacing or repairing faulty insulation in ducts and AHU’S. We also prolong equipment life by removing and treating rusted components such as blower impellers and housings.

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Duct Sealing

Utilising robotics and the latest duct sealing products, DAS can help you eradicate air duct leakage.

Proper sealing of your ducts may improve energy use by up to 20%.

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Pro-active Maintenance Agreements

 Many clients choose to enter into a HVAC Maintenance Programme to optimise the expenditure made on the system refurbishment. This ensures confidence in knowing the system remains clean and compliant.

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