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Can cleaner air improve your profitability?


Good news… Yes, it can!

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Naturally, we all prefer clean air, but when it comes to building management, is it more profitable?

Especially when it’s your role to account for the operational budget for your facility, what do the numbers tell us about the impact of air quality on running costs?

Energy costs and air quality

It is known that HVAC is responsible for 65% of the total energy consumption of a facility. Being such a major component of total energy output, being able to reduce can create significant impacts on operational costs.

Research from Colorado University has revealed that a slightly fouled system uses 11% more energy than a clean system. A clean system therefore could consume 7.15% less energy and present a substantial cost efficiency in the daily facility budget.

The human resources factor

The human factor must also be remembered. Clean air with consistent temperature control provides optimal human comfort. The improved profitability can then flow from reducing absenteeism and improving productivity.

Given that for many facilities, their energy and HR costs are significant budget components, the opportunity to reduce these provides favourable outcomes. At DAS, our specialists can help you assess and reduce these air quality impacts, through our HVAC services.

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